Four Powerful Reasons to Hire Moreland the Magician for Your Next Event:

#1) Your audience will laugh hysterically!

What a joy to hear laughter from kids who are really enjoying themselves at an assembly. The program was fast paced, riveting, and extremely entertaining for all.
-Mary Kelly, Teacher, Bradford Central School

#2) Your audience will be amazed!

Moreland the Magician’s show left everyone amazed –not just the kids. It was engaging, funny, endearing entertainment — for the parents too. All we heard for days after Maxine’s 5th Birthday Party was that was the best birthday party we have ever been too. No kidding!
-P.J. Ewing, New York City

#3) Your audience will be involved!

Your interaction with the students is absolutely fantastic! Our school is ready to hire you to come back to do two more shows!
-Anne Burgin, Franklin Central School, Franklin, New York

#4) You’ll hear rave reviews!

My husband overheard one mother say to another “How are we ever going to top this birthday party? There is no higher compliment in my book!
– Susan Cain, Maine, New York

Kids and even some parents stopped me on the street to comment on how much they enjoyed the program – all of it! It was by far…the most enjoyable children’s program…in the 8 years that I’ve been director.
-Joan Tavernier, Director, Wide Awake Club Library, Fillmore, New York

Hurry before – poof! – your date is gone!
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